Here are the winners of Musikörat and Filmfoten

November 30, 2022

Here are the winners of Musikörat and Filmfoten

During the opening of Live at Heart on August 31, the festival is handing out two prestigious awards. Musikörat, which has been awarded since 2014, and Filmfoten, which was established in 2000. Musikörat is awarded to Joppe Pihlgren for his work for Swedish live music, and Filmfoten is awarded to Ronnie Sandahl and Martin Bengtsson for the film Tigrar (Tigers).

Musikörat 2022 is awarded to Joppe Pihlgren

With Musikörat, the Live at Heart Festival recognizes each year individuals or groups who, through their profession, have developed, contributed to or in other ways raised Swedish music culture in a truly unique way. Musikörat has been awarded since 2014 and previous award winners include Sara Ajnnak (2021), Meadows (2020), Fredrik Strage (2019), the movement #närmusikentystnat (2018) and Malena Ernman and Alexander Goldmann (2017). This year, the award goes to Joppe Pihlgren, CEO of Svensk Live.

The jury’s nomination:

“Joppe Pihlgren’s efforts for Swedish live music during the pandemic are unprecedented. At a time when many were facing their greatest challenge ever, Svensk Live was there, with Joppe Pihlgren at the helm, and contributed with tireless commitment and solid knowledge and expertise. Joppe Pihlgren has generously shared his experience and has had an outstanding ability to see and find solutions. Thank you Joppe for your fantastic work – you are indispensable to us!”

Quote Joppe Pihlgren:

“It is a great honor to receive Musikörat for my work during the pandemic. However, the work and the award are not just mine, I hereby share it with everyone inside and outside Svensk Live who contributed in various ways to get us through the crisis. What we take with us moving forward is increased cooperation and the desire to help each other together with increased openness. The goal is for Sweden to become one of the world’s best countries for live music, so we have a lot of work ahead of us. I see Musikörat from Live at Heart as a confirmation and encouragement that allows us and I to continue to fight for the conditions of live music throughout the country. Thanks!”

Joppe Pihlgren is CEO of Svensk Live, which is the voice of Swedish live music and brings together over 200 organizers across the country. Svensk Live works to promote, support and develop live music in Sweden. He is also a member and one of the founders of the band Docenterna.

Filmfoten 2022 is awarded to Ronnie Sandahl and Martin Bengtsson for the film Tigrar

Filmfoten is a statuette by the artist James Bates and was established by Film i Örebro län in 2000 and was initially awarded to the county’s best film and best Swedish film. In 2007, the award took a seven-year pause. In 2014, the award was picked up again and is now awarded jointly by Film i Örebro län, Örebro Filmförening and Live At Heart to someone or a few who have distinguished themselves in film by having done something out of the ordinary.

The prize has previously been awarded to, among others, Lukas, Moodyson, Tomas Alfredsson, Stina Gardell, Anna Weitz, and Crazy Pictures.

The jury’s nomination:

“This year Filmfoten is awarded to a person with the courage to tell their heartbreaking story about a broken dream and mental illness, as well as the filmmaker who conveyed the story in the strongest possible way. The film ”Tigrar” succeeds with its intimate imagery and strong performances in painting a feeling for the hopelessness that moves in the backyards of professional football where young people are reduced to a product shaped by financial interests. We empathize with Martin Bengtsson and understand his rivals.

The book ”I skuggan av San Siro” has already made an impact on the world’s biggest sport and now the story reaches a larger audience through the medium of film. The jury is proud to award Filmfoten 2022 to Martin Bengtsson and Ronnie Sandahl for their courage and outstanding work to shed light on this important topic.”

Quote: Ronnie Sandahl

– It feels very honorable that ”Tigrar” continues to create an echo both here at home in Sweden and out in the world. Regarding Filmfoten’s previous award winners, we undeniably end up in good company.

Quote: Martin Bengtsson

– Feels very fun and honorable considering all the previous award winners, and of course extra fun for myself as a native of Örebro and someone who has followed the festival since its start.

The award ceremony will take place during the Live at Hearts opening on August 31 at 17.00 at Örebro Konserthus.